Yuval Qen - Conversion Optimization Expert

I’ll make your website more profitable.
Is that all?
If you have a money-making website, and you like making a profit, it should hit the spot.
If you put it that way…
Don’t take my word for it, ask these guys:


The Internet is flooded with case studies titled:
“Company XYZ gained 88% increase in sales because it changed the color of their CTA from Violet to Medium Orchid!”
While that’s a great report for your boss, what mostly happens is either:
  • Someone impatiently ended an experiment early with too small a sample size and you’ve got yourself 88% lift, swiftly.
  • A/B tests ended up with false positive results. The more tests you run, the more false positives. So is that 88% a real increase or a case of regression to the mean?
If everything went well, someone deployed comprehensive user behavior tracking, identified key funnel steps with a high drop off, brainstormed their hypotheses, ran an intelligent series of A/B tests, dusted off their statistician’s hat AND somehow found the time to also write a professional case study about it.

To make test results have a permanent impact for my clients, I work through 3 distinct steps with each client.
Data Tracking and Dissemination

Having vanilla Google Analytics or a similar solution installed is nice but it’s missing a lot of raw data and it doesn’t take care of reporting the right data in the right format to the relevant decision makers. To complete the picture, I set up Goals, Funnels, Enhanced E-commerce, Referral Exclusion, Content Grouping, Custom Variables, User-ID, Ad Cost Data Import, Custom Alerts, Call Tracking, automated reporting and more.


You can’t fix a sales funnel yet if you don’t know what’s broken. It’s now time to make sense of business goals, KPIs, attribution models, competitor research, geographies, PPC campaigns, Cohorts, Social media and SEO. Only once everything clicks into place, can you know what would actually push the needle.


Yes, it finally happened! It’s time for optimization. But unlike those case studies we discussed earlier, our optimization efforts should have a lasting, statistically significant, relevant impact.

That’s nice, but who is this for?
Product & service owners, selling over the Internet with $1M - $10M in yearly revenues, targeting consumers or SMBs.
Are you done?
That’s all I have, but words can only go so far.