Yuval Qen - Web Data Strategist

I’ll make your website more profitable.
Is that all?
If you have a money-making website, and you like making a profit, it should hit the spot.
If you put it that way…
Don’t take my word for it, ask these guys:


Over the last two decades the Internet industry has matured from the wild west of innovation to a well established industry with clear best practices. The bar has also increased and to survive, an Internet business must be proficient in user behavior tracking, funnels and dashboards, data driven UX optimization, paid campaign budget allocation, revenue attribution, retention management, scraping, data driven content marketing, real time marketing automation, product feed management, SEO, profitability analysis, price flexibility
*inhales* and quite a few other skills.

I accumulated know-how and proven recipes to tackle each and every topic in the list above and I help my clients by creating tailor made processes to suit their specific business focus.
That’s nice, but who is this for?
Ecommerce & SaaS operators, selling over the Internet with $1M - $100M in yearly revenues, targeting consumers or SMBs.
Are you done?
That’s all I have, but words can only go so far.


Are you implying actions need to be taken?
Yes, contacting me definitely comes to mind.
Website, inside a business card, inside a website? Clever.