Yuval Qen - Web Data Strategist

I’ll setup the process for data driven decisions in your website.
Is that all?
If you have a money-making website, and you like to maximize your profit, it should hit the spot.
If you put it that way…
Don’t take my word for it, ask these guys:


A decade ago, your website needed a Google Analytics integration and you were good to go. Nowadays, to be competitive, your website needs ad platform pixels, marketing automation pixels, A/B testing, a GDPR/CCNA compliance solution, an integration with CRM/DWH and so on.
Oh boy, did we evolve as an industry…
Let your R&D team handle it and they'll have to study an entirely new and intricate domain.

Let your marketing team handle it and you'll end up with a massive technological debt.
Are there no good alternatives?
My name is Yuval Qen and I am a developer who mastered website analytics/ad-ops for the last 10 or so years. I've come up with a robust, time-tested recipe to solve this exact need.
Okay, so how does that work out for my website?
  • You get a proven solution customized for your technology stack.
  • Your R&D team gets a well written implementation guide, automatic integration for forms/videos/click tracking, an easily maintainable, performance minded solution with built in regression testing.
  • Your marketing team gets a trustworthy solution with continuous visibility as to which pixels/conversions are configured.
  • Your data team gets a well documented event model that covers standard use cases such as Ecommerce, SaaS step-by-step funnels, attribution, data validation and ROAS reports.
Are you done?
That’s all I have, but words can only go so far.


Are you implying actions need to be taken?
Yes, contacting me definitely comes to mind.
Website, inside a business card, inside a website? Clever.